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Packing for the holidays or holy daze?

I realize I haven’t written anything in a while, not that I havent had any material . I get all these ideas when I’m stuck in traffic or when I have a moment to spare unfortunately, I never have the time to get my thoughts on a page. Its very rare nowadays that I have a small pocket of time to write. But I just thought I would share what many fashionistas in this side of the world go through when packing for fall /winter weather.

I live among millions of people in an archipelago with beautiful beaches and tropical weather all year round. For some of you that paradise for me , well that’s another story. I hate the heat and I prefer to skip the sun all together if its 90 degrees outside. Taking a walk is unpleasant because your drenched with sweat in approximately 10 mins. So good bye to all fall fashion items ,leather, boots and wool. So every time people like me get a chance to travel we break out all the winter clothes or buy an entire new fall winter wardrobe. Since I hadn’t t upgraded my winter stuff in a while I went nuts online. Which brings me to the dilemma of what to pack.

When you travel somewhere cold but for only around 10 days what exactly do you bring? If your dying to wear all the stuff you know you can never wear on a regular basis. I mean for some reason I bought 4pairs of boots I can never wear in this country. So as my travel date approaches I gather all my stuff and do a style edit like Im doing an editorial, then reality hits me where exactly am I going with my faux fur emerald green coat? Or my fuchsia knee high heel boots that look great with my tweed skirt?

When I’m in NYC the most I do is dinner with friends then home by midnight.  My clubbing days are long over like the Susanne Bartsch parties in the 80’s where all my outfits would get me in the clubs. Should I do OOTD on IG? Then there are luggage restrictions and winter stuff is heavy. At any rate I end up bringing a lot of stuff for the cold winter weather. So again I ask myself am I packing for the holidays? or am I just in a holy daze from imagining all those fashion moments?

Stay tuned as I post more of my lazy travels this holiday.



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