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Taipei… best street food ever

On my way to the States I always stop over in Taipei but have never really gotten off the airport to check out the place. Last month I decided to fly there for one of the long weekend breaks. Before my trip I went online to check what tourists usually go to see while visiting Taipei. The one thing that stood out was the amount of street food available to everyone. From the Shilin market to Raohe market and Ximending market which they fondly call the Harajuku of Taipei.

Again, I did not really intend on shopping for this trip but mainly checking out the street food. This time I wasn’t traveling alone but I had my sister with me. My sister and I have a fondness of hunting for bargains at the local markets . This is one way to truly immerse yourself with the local culture. Since I am plus size and she is skinny she can fit into the typical Asian size so I decided to look for food instead of shop. When we were at the market I wandered off a bit while she was shopping and I stumbled onto all the street food I saw on YouTube.

The first one we tried was the local cheese bread or rather cheese cake. We were walking around the Ximending market and saw a long line at this food stall. The stall was selling freshly baked cheese bread its sort of a mix of fluffy yellow sponge cake with a cheese spread in the middle. For my fellow Pinoys its like a giant Mamon with cheese in the middle. We also tried their version of an elongated cream puff pictured below right beside the fluffy cake. It was a crispy pastry almost like a Cannoli cone stuffed with a creamy custard oozing out as you bite the pastry.


The next day we decided to visit Wefenpu where I spotted the famous Taiwanese Misua soup. I sat in the stall as the proprietor stirred the big cauldron full of the soup and I pointed out the size I wanted. While I was enjoying my soup I heard 2 fellow Pinoys gossiping away until they sat next to me I smiled at them and said hello. To their surprise they thought I was a local yep I look Chinese. We had a polite conversation and I finished up my soup and left. As I walked further down I spotted a stall selling fried Roti bread rolled up into a crepe. It had a fried egg filling with chives slightly brushed and seasoned with a chili sauce and an oyster sauce. It looked so yummy I could not resist.


On our last night I had some torch food, food cooked with a torch. I bought some wagyu beef and some fried squid copped a squat in front of 7-11 and that was my dinner Al- fresco.


Taipei has a lot of street food and I didn’t have a chance to try all of it so I shall return for those hot peppered buns at the Shilin Market on my next trip to Taipei.

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