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My personal quest in Tokyo, Japan



Ive been so busy lately, I haven’t really had a chance to write however, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel here and there so I still have a lot of stuff to share. One of them is my personal quest in Tokyo, Japan.

Asian women are best known for having great skin and with that comes great make up and skin care. In my 20’s I found a Japanese foundation powder called Chifure  Bi- cake 100 you could get it at the Landmark dept store for a very steep price of almost 2,000.00 pesos back in the 90’s. Which back in the day was considered quite expensive for a no name brand, in a nondescript package. But the coverage of the powder  was perfect for the humidity of Manila. So I bought it anyway. Eventually the product disappeared, perhaps due to its price or unavailability. But recently with everyone flocking to Japan for vacation I was able to order my beloved powder once again.

Knowing it was available in Japan. I decided to go on a quest to travel to Tokyo for the sole purpose of finding this product. I browsed the internet before leaving and had a pretty good idea of where to find it , but sometimes the internet is just about as accurate as my weighing scale… I took off for my birthday weekend and since I hadn’t been to Japan since I was 12 yrs old, everything was new to me. I arrived in the airport totally grumbling bec this lazy girl did not want to take the train. I’m used to hopping in a cab and being driven directly to the hotel. But for a 300 dollar cab ride I just dumped my hand carry in my trusty Lipault luggage and dragged my big fat ass to the train station. It was fairly painless and quite easy so I was happy. Once I got to the hotel I figured I’m here to buy my Japanese cosmetics and that’s it. Since nothing will fit me as Japanese women are tiny and I’m so bored with the usual luxury brands I need another purse like I need a hole in the head. If your wondering if I was interested in site seeing or checking out temples and cultural sites you are sorely mistaken. My primary purpose for travel is to eat, shop and sleep. In that order, unless of course there is something in particular of interest to me.

As my hunt for this particular makeup brand started, my quest began by the Ginza at Mitsukoshi and all the nearby stores both big and small. And everywhere I went it was NADA, ZIP, ZILCH. I kept walking around and stopping to eat everywhere which totally forfeited the exercise I was getting. Because I was near frustration and anger I started venting out on Facebook until someone directed me to Takashiyama. Voila I found it on the 8th floor in an obscure corner. And the price was so cheap like 10-15 dollars a piece. YAYYY for me!

I was so happy I found it, I sat in front of the saleslady and pointed out all the products I wanted and bought enough products to last for a year or at least my next trip to Japan. at least this quest made me walk all around the Ginza and I even got all the way to Shibuya via cab of course. Japan is a nice place to visit but if your not in the mood to walk around and take the train its not a place for you. I will however go back and try Osaka next time where my quest will be for the best Takoyaki balls on the street.


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