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Baa baa black sheep

When I’m home and in between traveling my friends and I are always on the hunt for new places to eat. However, since I have a full time job I usually leave it up to them to decide where to go. Gone are my days of clubbing and late nights that start at 11 pm and we end the night out on the wee hours of the morning, in search of a breakfast joint.  The early  dinner reservation of 6:30 kind of made me laugh. I thought to myself: Are we senior citizens waiting for the blue plate special? But I digress…So lets go back to Saturday night. We ended up in this new restaurant in Chino Roces called Black Sheep. When I first entered I thought to myself is this a hangout place for twenty somethings? or a serious restaurant for foodies like me?

As we walked in , two tables were seated so I didn’t feel so bad being one of the early birds. The place was a bit warm though, not hot where you would need a fan but warm. I guess the air conditioner was acting up. It was well designed with colors of black, cement grey and black giving off a totally industrial feel towards the design. After being seated we perused the menu and I suggested that we ask the chef to give suggestions so we could try all the best dishes.

Chef Patrick Go, happily approached our table and gave us his suggestions and we happily obliged. He started us off with Two Na,Foie Long Bao , Lengua Tostada ,and Pigs in a bun.


My favorite appetizer was the Lengua Tostado it was perfect. But the Pigs in a bun was good but I needed to add hoisin sauce to kick it up a notch plus I expected the radish that was in the bun to be pickled , the Foie Long Bao had the right thickness of the wrapper but I prefer the traditional xiao long bao. Then he served up some satay noodles or rather their version of dan dan noodles. The noodles were really good a mix of satay sauce, ground meat and a poached egg. But having been full from all the appetizers I could only take a bite . The noodles were quite rich and filling and I highly recommend that you share this dish.

Next they served up the main courses Salmon Charred Sui, The catch of the day paired with a creamy risotto and the slow cooked wagyu beef from Kitayama meat shop. I tried a spoonful of all three but I was just too full to eat any more. The winner out of all 3 was the slow cooked wagyu beef from Kitayama meat shop. I did like the Salmon Charred Sui as well.


I quickly observed that the open kitchen was full of young eager culinary artists all happy to serve and create delicious yummy food.

Chef Patrick Go with his team

My only negative comment about this place was that it took a while to get our drinks and we had to follow it up a few times. But all in all its a nice place to have a few drinks and dinner with a close knit group of friends.

Black Sheep is located at 2230 UPRC 1 building, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City. Open on Mondays to Saturdays from 6PM to 10:30 PM. For inquiries and reservations, phone +632 744 1569 or +63927 783 703

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