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Art imitates life for Kim Woo Bin

As my love for Korean Drama continues… I just recently finished the K drama called "Uncontrollably fond" and like any K drama enthusiast, it will take a while for me to get over the entire story line or the whole universe of "Uncontrollably fond". Kim Woo Bin did such a spectacular acting job portraying the protagonist with a terminal illness. Before I started the series I had no clue that his character has a terminal illness. Alas, now Art imitates Life in keeping abreast of my K drama news I knew that Kim Woo Bin was suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer.  But watching this made me get the feels in spades knowing that he was really suffering from cancer.

Although , this is my first time to watch Kim Woo bin ,I got emotionally invested in the drama with the knowledge that he was going through a grave illness in real life. I started thinking if he got sick because his acting of someone terminally ill was so good he channeled some kind of negative juju. Or maybe it was just the universe teaching him how to prepare for the coming illness. At any rate, I was crying most of the series. I'm sure my friends will laugh as they read this because I don't easily cry in real life but k dramas always get me lol.

The writers did such a good job they didn't even make him look pathetic but it was a sad story nevertheless.  From the recent reports he is doing fine. Hopefully he pulls through this illness or this K drama will be his legacy that the entire K drama fan community will watch over and over again.  Now what do I binge watch next … The Heirs????hmmm Oh Kim Woo Bin I was so loyal to Gong Yoo ,Park Seo Joon and Lee Min Ho now your on my list as well so many dramas so little time … My eye bags are getting heavier than my hand bag!


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